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Sweet Cup is a third wave coffee bar and coffee roastery in Amsterdam. Buy our coffee online or come visit our shop at the Lange leidsedwarsstraat 93, Amsterdam

Ethiopia "Seka Forest"


Ethiopia "Seka Forest"




Cherries, Lime, Chocolate

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The farm covers 200 hectares of land in the Oromiya region, Jimma Zone, Limmuseqa district in Checka Kebele. It is located in one of the beautiful natural forest areas of annual mean rainfall of 700-1200 mm. The berries are picked when they are large red and juicy. It is only red cherries that are picked from the trees.

The cherry is left to dry naturally for 6-9 days using the sun. The drying time depends on the availability of adequate sunshine. After the coffee is dried to the optimal moisture level (12%for the dry cherry) it is hulled using a dry coffee hulling machine. 

Origin: Limu. Jimma zone, Oromia region

Process: Natural, sun dried on raised beds

Varietal: 74110, 7227 (jimma research inst.) 


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Sweet Cup

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